Tamilnadu Electropathy Medical Confederation

Tamilnadu Electropathy Medical Confederation is the medical association for the Registered Electropath under NEHM of India in Tamilnadu, to protect and support Electropath from various legal issues anywhere in tamilnadu.

History of TEMC

Tamilnadu Electropathy Medical Confederation was established in the year of 2021.


Vision of TEMC

  • This Confederation will honour all Expert Physicians, Best Hospitals, Best Educationalists and renowned Medical Institutes every year by presenting them with suitable awards for their excellent performance.
  • To create the mass awareness campaign for Health with Electropathy in Tamilnadu.

Activities of TEMC

17/09/2021 - Regarding submission of approval documents of NEHM of India Practitioners and Institutions practicing Electropathy within the provisions of law.
Letter forwarded to

  • The District Collector, Ranipet District, Ranipet.
  • The Superintendent of police, Ranipet District, Ranipet.